The Herd

Please keep checking back for more details about our Hereford donor females and herd bulls.

Herd Sires


AHA Number: 44463235

This year’s purchase from Van Newkirk Hereford’s 51st Annual Bull Sale. 3093L is an athletic, big muscled CL1 Domino 942G son out of a UU Kingsley dam. We really like his style and look, his cat like ease of movement- this big guy is smooth. His EPD profile is what we were looking for in a versatile herd sire - the ability to produce both quality breeding females and bulls, as well as highly marketable feeders. Maternal calving ease, moderate birthweights, Teat/udder quality and fertility (top 1% scrotal) as well as carcass merit- maintaining our larger ribeye while taking our marbling to the next level (top 6%). He will begin working AI cleanup for us this spring and fall.


AHA Number: 44436382

If you like throwback look Herefords, with maternals off the charts for replacements, Here's your man. This Home-raised Horned bull with a -0.4 birthweight epd is working cleanup on our heifer crop this spring. Outstanding scrotal & longevity (top 13%), daughters will have excellent milk with teat (top 10%) and udder quality (top 23%), in a nice, long, easy fleshing package. He is out of a CL1 Domino 993G/Baaken cow from Van Newkirk Herefords, AI sired by Churchill Red Bull 200z (Sensation/Golden Outcross) and was a standout among his peers from the time he hit the ground. He will be a high calving ease sire with moderate growth and fully pigmented.


Registered Angus out of a rockstar daughter of the late, great PVF Insight, Sired by Plattemere Weigh Up son Stevenson Easy Money. His calves come easy and grow like weeds. We use him as a second round bull on heifers and cows for our baldy female commercial buyers.

PCC 0111 238F FORTIFIED 2009

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AHA Number: P44341569

Polled bull out of NJW 84B 4040 FORTIFIED 238F and a Perez Cattle Mighty x Hutton Granddaughter. Purchased at side of his mother at the 2022 Perez Cattle Co Elite Female Sale, This young stud is Heifer safe, used on our spring calving heifers as a yearling, sired 2 in our fall group as a 9 month old (thanks to a wind storm that took out a tree that took out a gate…) Agressive breeder- none of the heifers assigned to him turned up open. Easy keeper, well mannered and worked well with both a more dominant older bull and a less dominant bull of similar size/age. We really like this bloodline for fertility, early maturity and persistence - make for excellent bulls. We retained his Dam and several registered and commercial daughters, so he has now moved on to another operation here in Texas.

Willis B436 1911

AHA Number: P44013528
Used primarily as a cleanup bull his entire breeding life- purchased as a virgin bull from Willis Polled Herefords. A Homozygous Polled KCF Bennett Allegiance son out of a WPH cow, “Hank” as he was affectionately called here, increased our carcass value significantly and was our first big step forward in improving our marbling with a larger ribeye. He also brought to the table calving ease in a growthy, feed efficient package. His retained daughters give plenty of milk and are big-ribbed, big-hipped girls with plenty of capacity, particularly out of our NJW Hutton and NJW Mighty cows, and all have been phenomenal mothers with his fantastic disposition.  We have kept too many of them, both registered and commercial, so he has moved on to another operation here in Texas this year.

AI Sires

CL1 Domino 993G 1ET

Maternal, very easy fleshing, calving ease horned genetics we like to put on our heifers, and whose daughters we seek out for replacements.

Churchill Red Bull 200Z

Maternal, very easy fleshing, moderate calving ease polled bull with good growth we like to use to improve udder and teat quality and add longevity. 

NJW 79Z 22Z Mighty 49C ET

Horned bull. The Hutton/Mighty cross was one of the best to come out of Perez Cattle company and we have found these daughters to be particularly fertile and moderate sized, with good dispositions that out-produce themselves with each successive calf. 

NJW 160B 028X Historic 81E ET

Polled bull we like for very easy fleshing, moderate calving ease, and to improve udder, teat and ribeye size.