Our pigs, like our cattle, spend their lives on pasture. Because we do not yet have a breeding setup for pigs, our feeder pigs are purchased from pasture-raised operations only, and come to us between 2 & 3 months of age. We confine them for a short period to a small paddock until they settle down into their new surroundings and we become familiar to them. At that time, they are given more room and freedom to root and forage and do the things pigs do. They assist us by turning pasture soil and “fertilizing” as they go. We give them all the hay they want and a measured portion of a select feed, oats, and eggs from our free range chickens. They also get seasonal fruit and veggies and a constant supply of fresh water. While pork over the years has come to be known as “lean” and “the other white meat,” the best pork is actually well-marbled like beef and a darker pink or light red color. This pork is moist and tender when cooked, not your typical dry pork chop. We select our pigs from breeds known for this marbling quality and calm temperament, resulting in some of the best pork you’ll ever taste! We carry most typical cuts of fresh pork, along with breakfast sausage and cured and smoked bacon, ham steaks, and ham hocks. Our chops are cut to 1” thick, ham steaks and pork steaks to 3/4” thick, and our bacon we carry both thick and thin sliced in approximately 1 pound packs. Breakfast sausage comes in 1 pound packs of (8) 2 oz patties. Around the holidays we will also carry holiday hams for baking. If you are interested in a half or whole pork, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through custom processing options with our USDA butcher.