Our Story

We started this business as a way to connect people more directly to their food sources and out of a frustrating inability to find the type of quality meats and eggs that we grew up on, easily found in small local markets or from our rural friends and neighbors at the time. We have found that our desire to enjoy farm fresh food raised in a natural setting is shared by many of you, and we have made it our mission to bring those products to your doorstep! We are producers of pasture raised and finished beef, pork, chicken and eggs. We do not feed antibiotics or use hormone additives or implants of any kind to promote growth, therefore our animals can take slightly longer to finish than those in a confined/feedlot setting. With attaining the ideal marbling and flavor cleanly as our ultimate goal, we select breeds with docile temperaments that mature early. In this way, we maintain a calm environment with easy, stress-free handling of our herds and flocks. Calm, well-managed animals produce tender, marbled meat. We finish our beef and pork on a combination of grass pasture, a select premium quality barley and oat based, non-GMO feed, and all the clean, high grade hay they can eat. Our chickens roam where they like by day, choosing their natural food sources, and are only confined at night for their own protection. For this reason, we are able to supplement with minimal amounts of feed, which we ensure is the freshest, highest quality we can find.

Our ranch is a truly family-oriented operation, as our teenagers assist with fencework, feedings, egg gathering, and you may even see them on deliveries from time to time. Throughout this process, we have enjoyed getting to know our discerning customers and building a relationship with them - if you haven’t tried us yet, we encourage you to do so- you’ll appreciate the difference from the first bite. Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome your interest!