We often tell our customers, if you haven’t tried a farm fresh egg, you haven’t yet lived. If you’ve never purchased direct from a farm or ranch before, this is a good place to start. Imagine an egg with a richer flavor, a brighter yolk full of beta carotene, and a hardier shell that’s packed with nutrients because its producer spends all day, from dawn til dusk, outdoors on pasture. Our chickens roam where they like by day, choosing their natural food sources, and are only penned up at night for their own protection from predators. Each morning they are released again to feast, sunbathe, and wander about as they wish. For this reason, we are able to supplement with minimal amounts of feed, particularly in the productive warmer months of the year, when a variety of grasses, seeds, grubs and the like are readily available for them in our pastures. They also have oyster shell available to them to ensure proper calcium intake, and fresh water stations that are accessible to them all around the ranch. We choose breeds based on their docility, productivity, and those best suited to the free range lifestyle, and here you’ll find a colorful variety of Buff Orpington hens, Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars, Black Stars, French Marans, Ameracaunas and crosses of each. We also keep a few roosters for flock protection and reproduction. This variety allows us to produce cartons of eggs that are as pretty as they are delicious. If you visit us here at the Ranch, you are likely to see them all around- some are shy, some are curious, and one or two of them enjoy a good adventure. Our Rhode Island Red hen named Bea enjoys supervising any outdoor project and a good motorized vehicle ride, so you may find her wanting to "ride with” any trip on the tractor or UTV. Egg delivery is available in a once a month or twice a month subscription service as well as individual purchases. The number available for individual purchase varies, as there is usually a waiting list for our subscription services and we sell out completely every 2 weeks. Our flock numbers are gradually increasing which increases our production, so contact us for availability and we can give you an approximate wait time.