From the time they are born, our cattle spend their entire lives on green pasture, eating their fill of grass and hay under the Texas sun. Only once they are weaned from their mothers, and just a few months before they are ready for market, we begin to offer them a measured portion of a barley and oat based feed each day. They remain on green pastures and have hay available to them during this time, which they may eat their fill of and we allow each to finish at its own pace. Our animals are never confined in a dirt lot, given free choice access to grains, or are ever fed straight corn. We keep a salt lick available to them to consume as they need (cattle require this to balance the moisture intake they receive from grazing grass and will only consume what their bodies need), along with fresh water, and we let nature do its work. The beef cuts that we carry are those typically found in a good meat market - our steaks are cut to 1.5” thickness, roasts are generally 2-4 lbs each, and our lean ground beef and hamburgers will come in 1 pound packs. However, if you’d like to purchase a half or whole beef, we will happily work with you to process to your own preferences with our USDA butcher.